Course Description

Self Defense Against empty hand and weapon attacks.

Ninth Degree Grandmaster/Founder Of ORH TKD

Grandmaster Amy Reed

Hi, my name is Grandmaster Amy Reed. I am the founder of Oh Ryung Hon Taekwondo, a mixed martial art style of Taekwondo accredited by the USMAA, and United States Martial Arts Association.I am a Ninth Degree Black Belt Grandmaster with over 35 years of teaching and training in martial arts. Having owned a brick and mortar Martial Arts Academy for over 25 years, I am thrilled to be able to reach out further and connect with more of you through our online training Academy.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Self-defense training segments

    • Self Defense - How To Use Pepper Spray - 4 Easy Steps

    • Escape From a Hand and Lapel Grab

    • Nose Press - Self Defense Technique

    • Beat Him With His Stick!

    • Attack In The Park- Prepare Mentally As Well As Pysically

    • Self-defense against a punch- Easy for beginners!

    • Pre-determine His Next Move- Think About It

    • Rear Naked Choke Hold

    • Gun Disarm

    • Stop Him Before He Injures You

    • Weak Link

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