FAQs for Online Martial Arts Academy

Is this a monthly subscription?  

Yes.  Your credit card will be billed each month for as long as you wish to remain a member.  We are confident that you will want to stay with us through black belt and beyond which is why we don’t require a lengthy commitment.  If you wish to quit, however, just press “UNSUBSCIBE” 24 hours before your next bill out date and we will cancel your membership.

I don’t like having an auto billing, can I pay in a way that doesn’t require an EFT?  

Yes.  You can take advantage of our one year pay in full plan and renew manually at the end of each year if you desire.   We will not store your card or bill it again.

Can I get a refund if I decide to quit?

We offer a thirty day money back guarantee for new students.  If within the first thirty days of your membership you are not fully satisfied with the training you have received, just let us know and we will cancel your membership and refund your money. 

Can I upgrade my membership at any point?

We can upgrade your membership at certain points in the program without a repeat of any material.  Those points are at the end of the beginner belts and at the end of the intermediate belts.  If you missed any course material in your other program, your upgrade would start with that material and then advance forward from there.  If you upgrade from the BRONZE program you would be required to complete the belt tests up to your current belt level.  There would be a fee for the belt tests you missed of $30 per belt.  If you quit and return at a later date, you will be required to start the program from the beginning.    

I am limited on the amount of time I have.  How long are the Taekwondo self-defense training videos?  

The taekwondo self-defense training videos are between 12-20 minutes depending on the material being covered.  You will be instructed to stop the video to do repetitions of what you were shown and can replay over and over if need be, making the training session as long or short as you need it to be.

What do I demonstrate to achieve my rank belt certifications in the Gold and Silver programs?

In the Gold program you will show your rank form, self-defense movement (with or without a partner options), and optional weapon segment if you want to receive certification in martial arts weapon training as well.  You will omit the weapon segment option in the Silver program.  We don’t require fancy footage and submission is easy.  Gold level students will receive a rank certification of First Degree Black Belt AND weapon certification and patch recognition if they include the weapon demonstration on their rank videos.

What if I have a question during my training?

We will be glad to answer any questions you have regarding your membership or program options.  For personal questions about your training or material you are learning, our Taekwondoself-defense training GOLD MEMBERSHIP SUBSCRIPTION gives members a group membership on Facebook where they can speak with Grandmaster Reed, the instructional staff, and one another.  They will also have access to live webinars on the group page.

How long will it take to achieve the rank of first degree black belt?

Only 120 weeks if you train consistently!  And, not only will you have achieved a First Degree Black Belt, but you will have the knowledge and skill to back it up.  We don't give belts away, our belts are accredited because you actually have the knowledge and skill representative of a black belt status.

Will I be able to train after receiving my First Degree Black Belt?

Absolutely.  We will be adding black belt curriculum for you to continue your journey towards becoming a Master level black belt along with an Instructor's Certification program.